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    Playfight is a unique physical art that involves body, mind, spirit and emotions.

    We Playfight to know more ourselves, our strength, our inner power and learn to use it consciously in relation to others. A safe space to train our own inner conscious warrior.


    We use a unique formula that combines wrestling and mindfulness. Wrestling to engage the body and the strength in a safe and respectful way. Mindfulness to observe what happen on a deeper level. What emotions are triggered, what unconscious patterns become evident and how can I play (my life) in a different way.


    Playfight is not a solo journey, but a group practice. We gather in circle, and we Playfight in the middle. We bond, we relate and we support each other.


    We use wrestling but there are no winners or losers. We use our strength but we don't hurt each other. We train our conscious warrior to develop inner peace.


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    Playfight is a space where we use our strength to relate one another consciously, and our aim is to provide you such safe space that you'll flow naturally in authentic self expression! 


    Safety is not only physical but emotional too. We welcome and honour each feeling of every participant.


    Each facilitator of Playfight is trained to provide you that space of trust and flow.


    During a Playfight, you are not alone. There is a whole circle around you and with you, in the match you are playing. They will be your eyes, even when you'll be blind.


    Around you and your match, the circle observe, feels, engage and support you. Playfight doesn't foster lone wolves, we build tribe, companionship, brotherhood, and sisterhood.



    Play is at the base of growth and learning. Kids do it all the time! They use their bodies , strength, creativity and feelings. In this way, they connect, getting to know each other and themselves, learning, enjoying and using their immense energy.


    Growing up life become more serious and we forget out innate playfulness and learning become a mind process instead of a full body and exhilarating journey. With Playfight we reclaim that lightness, foolishness, giving space to express consciously our inner child!


    In a Playfight we don't see in the other an enemy or an opponent. We see an ally, training together our inner warrior. To develop our inner power for the daily life challenges.


    Playfight is an occasion to learn to stop wasting time and energies in contrasting what we don't like, and instead transform it and use the hidden potential in each situation.


    You will Playfight with different people, different bodies, different strategies and you will learn to adapt, to be fluid to be centered and move through the challenges on your way!


    Emotions, Inner forces capable of moving mountains, or freezing an instant. Often we suppress them or try to ignore them, but as in everyday life, also in Playfight they play a fundamental role.


    Learning to use them is part of our journey. In Playfight we use consciously Anger, Joy, Fear, Sadness, and discover the risks and the hidden potential of each one of them!


    1) the Encounter

    We connect as Conscious Warriors, inside of the supportive circle.

    To begin the encounter the two Playfighters squat low facing one another. Both fists touch those of the other. Eyes in the eyes they say "Playfight!". This means "I agree with the rule of not hurting myself nor anybody else, and I'm here to connect consciously with myself and you".
    The Game begins: pinning the other on both shoulder blades for 3 counted seconds, as many times as possible until the 7 minutes of the match are over. There are no winner or losers. The Circle witness in silence. Only at the end of the 7 minutes, they clap to mark the end.

    2) the Appreciation

    Each playfighter share what he/she appreciated about the other.

    The two playfighters sit in the middle, facing each other, holding both hands together.

    One at the time they share what they appreciated about the other. Not a general comment but a personal one: "I appreciated You because.....". The Circle witnesses in silence. Once the appreciation are shared they clap shortly.

    3) the Feedbacks

    In openness we hear the wisdom of the circle

    We give voice to the circle to share what moved inside of them.

    The circle that for all the match was silent and observing, can now share 3 feedbacks

    What I observed, what I felt, what I appreciated, what touched me.

    No suggestions, no advises or small talk, but I speak about myself and what I felt.

    The playfighters thanks each feedback and then go back to the circle.

    A new session can start

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    I'm Matteo Tangi and my love for Playfight began when I was a kid.

    At the beach, on the grass, I and my friends would wrestle for hours, having so much fun, feeling ecstatic and connected to one another.

    Growing up something changed. Being physical and close was not common anymore, using the strength even less, only allowed if in a frame of martial arts or sports.


    A few years ago I decided to reclaim that playfulness, that freedom of using my body, my strength and my feelings and from there Playfight was born. Since then this is my regular practice, a way to meet myself and others with respect, honesty and care. A way to use my body and my strength to its fullest, being super aware of each movement, each breath, each touch.


    Nowadays I passionately share this art with people, empowering them to facilitate their circles and together creating an international network to support and develop Playfight.

    My dream is that in each city of the world people would gather in circle reclaiming and enjoying our beautiful human nature.


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  • F.A.Q.

    Still having doubts? Check this out:

    Is Playfight a violent practice?

    No. Playfight is a conscious space where two or more individuals can be in contact, in their full strength yet in a non-violent way.

    Is Playfight a martial art?

    No. Playfight is a unique practice where the primary focus is self knowledge and conscious contact with another human beings, We don't put much attention on fighting techniques, trying to be stronger, better, faster, etc.

    Can I hurt myself?

    The base rule of playfight is no hurting. Yet like any bodywork minor accidental injuries might happen such us small bruises or scratches. We like to call them "Playfight kisses".

    Can I hold Playfight circle by myself?

    Yes! Our purpose is to empower you to hold your Playfight circle and become part of the global Playfight network. In order to do that please fill this form.

    Is Playfight suitable for kids?

    Yes! Introducing a conscious way of fighting to kids is a tremendous support for their development. Many of our practitioner playfight with their kids and they are implementing circles in schools.

    I've more questions!

    Great! Drop us a line below and we will be happy to answer!


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    Link to Terms and Conditions: http://www.playfight.org/legal