July 27-29 // Switzerland

    August 07-10 // Romania

  • An opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Playfight. To rediscover yourself as an explorer of yourself, your movements, your playfulness and conscious struggle. To develop your physical and emotional intelligence. To connect with others in an authentic, atavistic and wonderfully human form!


    During the Playfight Fest we will create ad hoc spaces for different purposes:



    Spaces dedicated to exploring, experimenting and contaminating the practice of Playfight



    in which Matteo Tangi, initiator of Playfight, will guide us in different dynamics related to this practice and personal growth


    Chill Spaces

    in which to socialize, share a massage, or propose something to the whole group


    During the Playfight Fest there will be different themes we will dive into, where you will be able to experiment with yourself and others. Having fun by involving your mind, body, emotions and spirit!


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    Emotions, Inner forces capable of moving mountains, or freezing an instant. Often we suppress them or try to ignore them, but as in everyday life, also in Playfight they play a fundamental role.


    Learning to use them is part of our journey. In Playfight we use consciously Anger, Joy, Fear, Sadness, and discover the risks and the hidden potential of each one of them!


    Part of the Playfight path is reconnecting with our animal, primitive and atavistic side in a conscious way.


    In this Laboratory we will experiment to fight like animals. What happens when a lion meets an orangutan? Or a crocodile and a camel?


    We will use Playfight to train our cacpacity of being centered. Staying in my energy and relate with the one of the other without loosing my own grounding.

    We will develop this skills also with music. Sweet, slow and gentle, or loud, intense and aggressive. How does this change my inner state?

    What if the circle is with me, or against me, how do I keep centered and awake?


    Playfight Fest is also an opportunity to learn how to facilitate, discover how to offer a safe, intimate space. A space that gives comfort but invites you to explore your limits.


    Facilitating a circle of Playfight is a wonderful art, in which to put yourself at the service of the growth of other people and in the laboratories on facilitation we will explore this world.


    other laboratories will be unveiled on the Playfight Fest event or on the Playfight Facebook page.

    If you want to participate in the Fest fill out the form


    Switzerland - July 27-29

    Venue: Wandellust & Zürichhorn Park, Zurich.
    Schedule: Arrival on Friday 27/7, from 8.00 to 9.30

    (is possible to arrive on the 26th and sleep in the venue)
    Opening Circle on Friday at 10.00
    Ending on Sunday 29/7 at 17.00
    Food: we will prepare together our simple and delicious vegan meals
    Accomodation: we offer the possibility to camp (being your own tend) or common room (bring your own mattress and sleeping bag).

    Prices: Super Early Bird: (register until June 7): 250€ | 290 CHF

    Early Bird (register until July 7): 295€ | 340CHF
    Regular Fee: 375€ | 450CHF

    Romania - August 7-10

    Venue: Complexul Sportiv National Izvoru Muresului.
    Schedule: Arrival on Tuesday 7/8 from 15.00 to 17.00
    Opening Circle on Thursday at 18.00
    Ending on Friday 10/8 at 15.00
    Food: the venue will provide us delicious vegan meals
    Accommodation: shared and double rooms.

    Prices: Super Early Bird: (register until June 7): 185€

    Early Bird (register until July 7): 225€
    Regular Fee: 275€

    Prices are free of Vat. 23% of vat will be added if an invoice is requested.

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    Link to Terms and Conditions: http://www.playfight.org/legal
    Link to Terms and Conditions: http://www.playfight.org/legal