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The circle intelligence

During a Playfight, you are not alone. There is a whole circle around you and with you, in the match you are playing. They will support you, they will be your eyes, even when you'll be blind.

You might think Playfight is just about you and your opponent.

Not at all.

Playfight is a group game, even more, is a circle game.

In fact around you and your match, the circle observe, feels, engage and support you.

At the end of each match, the circle appreciate clapping and offers mirrors.

3 precious golden mirrors that are not advice, suggestions or you-shoulds. They share what they saw, and what that created in them.

"I saw two men, encountering in respect and yet challenging themselves until the last minute"

During Playfight we don't build lone wolves, we build tribe, companionship, brotherhood, and sisterhood

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