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International tribe

We are spreading consciousness through playfulness and strength.

And you? Did you already create your Playfight team in your city?

Imagine if in each city of the world, once or twice a week, a group of men and women would gather to Playfight together.

To reclaim their playfulness, reclaim a conscious use of their strength.

Being allowed to be in contact using their power, taking their space, and yet honoring the other who stands in front of them, and that is going to challenge them at their best.

In a world like this, there will be less violence because there would be a conscious vessel to hold and express playfully the stresses of our lives.

No more frustrated with the job you'd vomit your stress to your family, or numbing yourself drinking on it.

You would go to a Playfight, and transform it into sweat, strength, and vitality in respect of the others.

Join the movement.

Join a Playfight.

Have fun!

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